Tower Hamlets London

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets is a London borough to the east of the City of London and north of the River Thames. It is in the eastern part of London and covers much of the traditional East End. It also includes much of the redeveloped Docklands region of London, including West India Docks and Canary Wharf. Many of the tallest buildings in London are located on the Isle of Dogs in the south of the borough. A part of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is in Tower Hamlets.

The borough has a population in 2019 at 324,745,

  • More than two-thirds (69%) of the borough’s population belong to a minority ethnic group. Tower Hamlets is ranked as the 16th most ethnically diverse local authority in England out of 325 local authorities.
  • The borough’s two largest ethnic groups are the White British and the Bangladeshi populations, each accounting form one third of the population.  Tower Hamlets has the largest Bangladeshi population in the country.
  • The third largest group is the White Other population, who account for 12% of the borough’s population.  This group is diverse and includes residents from a mix of ethnic backgrounds, Europeans, Australians and Americans.

Tower Hamlets has one of the fastest growing, youngest, and most diverse populations in the UK.

Tower Hamlets borough is a portal to a rich tapestry of arts organisations, galleries and artists. Our aim through this site is to provide easy access to these for artists, teachers and other arts education frameworks.


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