Royal Drawing School – The point workshop 27th March 2020

Students from Morpeth School and Bishop Challoner Catholic Federation of Schools attended the Royal Drawing school The Point workshop at the Art Pavilion.

The Point workshop.

The Royal Drawing School introduced students to a series of ideas and processes to engage in ways of drawing.

Observational drawing awakens you to your place in the contemporary REAL world that you can see; creating a sensory record of the here and now. By contrast drawing from imagination is the action of time travel, utilising your ability to apply lived experiences to the new, future or re-created histories to engineer new narratives and solve complex problems.

With expert tuition from contemporary artists from the Royal Drawing School students were guided through exciting approaches to drawing that connected them with both points of access; the world in which they live and the future they create.  

Morpeth School – The Royal drawing School workshop – Students enjoyed working in a different environment and working with younger people! The portraits they drew have been photographed and used in iMovie and Photoshop and were part of their summer Art exam prep on ‘Hidden and/or Revealed’ – so a useful mornings work!

For more information about the Royal Drawing School and their young artist programme use the this link –