Student CPD – THAT network in collaboration with the Chisenhale Gallery 2018-2019

Workshop 1

THAT Network London, St Paul’s Trust School in collaboration with the Chisenhale Gallery

Date: Wednesday 14 November 2-5pm

Where: Art Department St Paul’s Way Trust School

Students from six secondary schools attended a workshop lead by artist Ghislaine Leung for A-Level/ selected GCSE students exploring expanded ideas of drawing. Ghislaine worked with the students to consider modes of attention – how do we concentrate our looking when drawing and can this increased concentration lead to interesting results across different media? 

Using photography, text and drawing students created a series of sketches, like in life drawing classes, but taking photos exploring interesting parts of the school. Students expanded the discourse around their photo sketches, creating text pieces in collaboration with each other.  

Students worked in pairs to take photos of in the venue space. Students arranged their photos and the partner peer selected one image to describe. The student peer transcribed the description as it was spoken. The transcription must be transcribed as spoken and written with mistakes. The writing forms an automatic piece of writing.


Student 1 – image description – automatic speaking and writing

So I am describing this picture so this picture there is a graduation and peculiar at the same highlighting with reflection of pipes – reflection outside and impact outside – light and dark different shapes only one area of focus —————- kind of reflection to in today’s mood reflects the mood today —— the colours are limited they contrast well —- it’s like the view symbolises the sky the grey is like rocks the blue is like faded so it doesn’t look flat ———- the faded part almost looks like a hand if u see it in another perspective it’s blurred and more abstract —-hum——- the main focus it the faded blue in the background contrast with the light we see in our daily life, so not so vivid. This comparison makes it abstract and unusual and this is the intention of the artist to make something new. Modern era that makes it new.


Student 2 – image description – automatic speaking and writing

What we can see is a range of colours pinks greens symbolic to nature different shapes positioned to nature long shapes I’m not sure what it is called. It has long lthin shapes it looks like a dandelion different flowers symbolise out there

There are so many flowers out there the dual nature structures.

Pixels are very blurry in our mind, it creates a change of perspective if we zoom in I can see whisps and they are detailed the structures are like zooming into a jumper but in reality it’s a flower. The petals graduation of pinks blendeding together a sunrise of pinks —the are fixated on the ground the soil unusual because they overlap each other

We see plants long plants short, droopy plants represent sad

Control the future symbolic and important of previous times.

The cross over the plants cover and conceal the bright colours and why we see hints of colours this is why it’s interesting coz we see hints of vivid and subtle underneath & top layers.

This is why the lower layers are darker however if they were exposed to light they would have more light colour from top perspective, we are able to hints of the colours and make the image unique. The structures are thin and long, unlike the flowers underneath so this could show scientific evidence that the top plants have more light and the underneath have less than the top plants. If u zoom in a lot u see lumps in the structures these could look like when u whisk eggs puffy. I like the texture when you zoom out it looks like a skeleton it looks like a rib cage. If you zoom out its grey like a cobweb and frágil.

If you. I’m in again u can see so much intensity like cats whiskers, foxes tail & if u zoom in further it looks less blurred . Was not expecting this wasn’t expecting this in our daily lives the possibilities and understanding of this. The top plants are photosynthesising coz they are the tallest and the most healthy out of the plants out of the bottom. This is similar to Jekyll & hyde a respectable doctor hints of duality hints. Like colours long taking over hyd. If u zoom into the flowers and leaves it’s not just the flowers and leaves. So if u look throughout the whole image they are not all the same.


Workshop 2

Date: Wednesday 6th Feb 2019 2-5pm

Where: Chisenhale Gallery

Students visited Ghislaine Leung’s exhibition CONSTITUTION at the Chisenhale Gallery.

Chisenhale Gallery presented CONSTITUTION, a new commission by
Ghislaine Leung. Working with sound, light, scale and temperature
this exhibition builds on Leung’s ongoing enquiry into withdrawal and
dependency. What is at stake in forms of cancellation, what are the
interdependencies, complicities and reliances of how this act is not only
produced, but constituted? As part of the commissioning process, a series of discursive events took place.

As follow up to workshop 1 workshop and the visit to the exhibition, students along with Gill completed the second stage of the discursive writing activity. The spontaneous descriptions from the photos completed in workshop 1 were printed into a booklet along with the photos. Students next edited the text by eliminating words or rewriting so recreating the text and making new meaning.