Combination printmaking CPD 2016 – Paul Wye

Workshop::16th March 4.30 – 7pm

Our second workshop this spring was with artist Paul Wye, who specialises in printmaking and textiles. Paul shared with us monoprinting techniques (additive and subtractive) as well as paper lithography technique using photocopied images/designs.

The workshop was an opportunity for artist teachers to explore combined printmaking techniques and produce own individual prints. We were introduced to traditional techniques such as dry point etching and collograph relief printing as well as the newer technique of paper lithography which allows any photocopied image to be printed. 

Each technique was demonstrated to give insight into the flexibility and wide range of results that are possible using these techniques. The workshop provided artist teachers with new skills and ideas as to how to use printmaking techniques for own work and to introduce to young learners. 

Suitable for KS4 and 5.

About Paul Wye – He studied an MA in Printmaking at Camberwell College of Arts approaching his practice with an experimental viewpoint. Combining print techniques with each other as well as with sculpture and textiles, Paul makes 2 and 3D work that explores objects and artefacts.

Paul has worked in Secondary and Further Education for the last 12 years as both an artist in residence and art teacher.