Publications available free online to download or to purchase.


Radical Education Workbook

British Arts Education Research Association 

Art Education:

Dean Kenning, Artists as Artists

Felicity Allen, Drafting Art School

Dean Kenning, Refusing Conformity and Exclusion in Art Education

Centre for Arts and Learning

A practice-led research centre where knowledge is conceived as co-constructed through action. We characterise this as practice with theory and theory with practice: praxis.

Situated in Goldsmiths Department of Educational Studies and are dedicated to the practical and theoretical exploration of learning practices across the arts within diverse social and cultural contexts. Research into the arts and learning includes visual and performing arts, design, media and communications, all incorporating traditional and emerging technologies.

The work of the centre engages with aspects of aesthetics, creativity, ethics and advocacy, and celebrates, as well as questions, learner identities and learning communities.

The centre provides an exciting opportunity for scholars and students across the arts and with a commitment to learning to advance research in this field.

Francis Gilbert, Senior lecturer in education, Goldsmiths, University of London  Miranda Matthews, Head of the Centre for Arts and Learning, Goldsmiths University of London

Paul Carney

His arts website is full of art resources and video tutorials for teaching art at all stages of education. He is an NSEAD registered Primary & Secondary Art & Design education consultant.   He is a published author and has written extensively about art education at all phases, some of which is available free from this site.

Gallery Education:

Felicity Allen, Situating Gallery Education

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