Wire and Willow sculpture CPD 2016 – Julia Clarke

Workshop: Thursday 10th March 4.30 – 7pm

First out of four 2016 workshops were, funded by Thames, was run by Julia Clarke, a London based artist specialising in working with willow and wire.

Julia Clarke creates work using willow and wire and has taught in secondary schools for many years and now work as a freelance artist educator with all age groups and abilities. http://www.juliaclarke.org.uk/

The CPD workshop was an introduction to using 3d materials- wire and willow. She introduced a number of techniques for working with wire using her handouts and showed examples of her work and work created by students of different ages using these materials.

She demonstrated each technique and how interesting and diverse sculptures and structures could be made. All techniques could be used with KS3, 4 and 5.

Our artist teachers learnt a number of ways to connect willow and started making sculptural pieces with wire support.