Royal Drawing School – Experimental Drawing: Movement and Pose Workshop February 2019 at the Art Pavilion

KS3, KS4 and Yr12 students from St Paul’s Way Trust and Bow School took part in an experimental drawing workshop led by Royal Drawing School tutors titled – Experimental Drawing Movement and Pose workshop. The workshops that took place at the Art Pavilion and were part of the THAT network exhibition – A Discourse on Contemporary Drawing.

A Discourse on Contemporary Drawing

Experimental Drawing Movement and Pose Workshop lead by the Royal Drawing School

This experimental drawing workshop, led by two alumni drawing tutors of the Royal Drawing School, will developed students’ observational drawing skills through different approaches to mark-making.  Poses created by two clothed life models on the theme of ‘movement’ and using a variety of materials, students explored drawing as a way to capture the body in motion through space, expressing structure and proportion, as well as learning to convey the transition of energy in the body.  The session encouraged students to develop their own visual language in their approach to observational drawing, a skill which will support future creative study.

The workshop enabled students to:

  • The aim of the experience was to open up students to different ways in which artist explore and create their arts practice
  • Raise confidence in skills and creative decision-making
  • Developed and extended student’s understanding of material processes and techniques
  • Improved students’ skills and inspired them with to explore and experiment new ideas