Othona CPD 2018

THAT Network offered a residential CPD for Network teachers in November 2018 at Othona-Bradwell-on-Sea. Artist teachers participated in a variety of innovative drawing workshops to inform their pedagogy, refresh their skills and revisit their creative practice.

The weekend was was divided into a series of workshops and walks to the 6th century chapel and along the coast to enable artist teachers to produce work informed by practice and investigation.

Artist teachers had the opportunity to further develop own art practices and had the opportunity to exhibit work alongside the artist students’ work at the Art Pavilion in February 2019.

Morning walk – Inspirationcollecting-photographing-filming-drawing workshop

Artist teachers took part in a 4 mile trek along the coast where they collected/drew/filmed inspiration to use back in the studio after lunch.

Afternoon Cyanotype workshop

Our artist teachers explored the process of making cyanotype images using natural forms collected from the morning inspirational walk. These were arranged onto precoated coated paper and left outside in the sunlight for a period of time. Finally remove the natural forms from the paper and wash for 2 mins to see the image reverse.


The process is very simple but there are a few items you will need in order to get started. Your school science department will be able to help you source equipment and chemicals and may help you to weigh the correct amounts of chemicals or mix up the cyanotype solution for you.

You will need;

Ammonium Ferric Citrate   20g mixed with 100ml distilled water

Potassium Ferricyanide   16g mixed with 100ml distilled water

There are health and safety requirements and the chemicals need to be in suitable containers in a safe place. Keep in a locked cupboard in the darkroom along with the photographic chemicals.

Electronic scales and a steel powder spatula are used to measure the quantities of chemical needed. Simply place a bottle or beaker on the scales, set to zero and then add the required amount of powder and then add the required amount of distilled water.

When you have mixed your chemicals with distilled water simply add equal amounts of each solution together. Mix only as much as you need, or, if you have some solution left over, store it in a suitable labelled container in a safe place.

Coat the paper in the dark room and then leave it to dry in the dark. Remember that the coated paper will be sensitive to UV light. Dried coated paper will be a yellowish green colour. Store them in an light safe A4 box.

For tips visit this website https://parallaxphotographic.coop/how-to-make-cyanotypes/

Afternoon Monoprint/Monotype workshop

Following lunch our artist teachers partook in a series of monoprinting/monotype workshops exploring and developing ideas inspired by the morning walk.

Artist teachers explored their own practice late afternoon and after dinner.

Evening light drawing workshop

After dinner and once darkness fell we experimented with light in collaborative light workshop.

If you are interested in one of our CPD sessions or weekend events then do contacts us, we are happy to discuss ideas and options:

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