RIBA – Designing for a post apocalyptic London workshop 28th Feb 2020

RIBA – Designing for a post apocalyptic London 

The year is 2050, The 2019 predictions of the Climate Crisis have come true- As Architects of the Future, How will you rebuild your city?

RIBA tutor: Dian Small

Students from Stepney all Saints school and Central Foundation Girls’ school learnt to reuse and re-imagine what they know to rebuild the city by concentrating on social infrastructures, such as transport; healthcare, public safety, community support; public space; education, arts and culture..

Each group made designs for a specific infrastructure, considering the context and environment around them. Final ideas were brought together to form one giant master plan.

The purpose was to get the students to understand what makes a city personal to us by creating areas with different identities. The process will help students to identify the potential of how these significant infrastructures can be altered in the future.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the implications of the climate crisis and sustainable and environmental solutions.
  2. Understand architecture in a wider context
  3. Evoke teamwork and communication
  4. Develop creative thinking.