About THAT network London

Connect Collaborate Create

Our Purpose:

THAT network London is a forum for artist-teachers and arts organisations from across the borough of Tower Hamlets to connect; collaborate; create; share good practice; promote arts education and actively empower art teachers to revisit their art practice.

Our Philosophy:

  • To provide invaluable expertise and support with the active promotion of creative thinking across the curriculum. 
  • Access creative pathways in the visual arts for our students.
  • Meet triannually in galleries, schools and universities across East London for round table discussion and to initiate student centred projects.
  • Facilitate specialist CPD for our art teachers.
  • Create a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches to creative thinking in line with the Russell Group’s revised guidance.
  • Deliver an art education which has a positive effect on students’ learning and developing young peoples’ cultural capital.
  • Engage the wider community in the visual arts.

If you would like to be part of THAT network London or find out more about us, please contact us via email: thatnetworklondon@gmail.com

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