About THAT

Originally co-founded by artist teachers Ania Bas and Ellie Green and with the recent additions to the team, Sam Hill (SPWT) and Adrian Tobin (BCCFS), THAT network London is aimed to become a forum for artists, teachers and arts organisations from across the borough of Tower Hamlets to connect, collaborate and share good practice.

With the support of THAMES (Tower Hamlets Arts and Music Education Services), THAT network plans to meet triennially in venues across the borough and to connect further using this website as a means of sharing upcoming arts and education events, arts educational philosophy and cutting edge practice happening both within schools and in other organisations.

With so much competition within the arts both inside and outside of schools, we believe that a culture of sharing needs to be initiated. Rather than compete with each other, THAT’s philosophy is that through face to face meetings – as well as through the resources and information we aim to provide through our online forum – we can showcase good practice as it happens, archive arts and educational collaboration, celebrate the achievements of those who work within both forums and record the impact that the arts is having across the educational spectre in our borough.

The first official meeting took place in December 2013 at Central Foundation Girls School in Bow.  Other venues across the borough (schools and art organisations) can host THAT, join in this ‘open door’ policy, let the network in and be encouraged to share with us and celebrate their arts educational practice.

If you would like to be part of it contact us on: THATnetworkLondon@gmail.com


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