Creative Pathways 2018 Review


Celebrating the creative arts within our schools and sixth forms in Tower Hamlets is at the top of the agenda for THAT Network; a collective group of artist teachers.

The message, creative arts are integral to our society and yes it is a viable career path; it generates £98 billions pounds – who knew?

Amid cuts to the arts and it being marginalised when it comes to options in many a school curricula, what better way to showcase the talent of students via an exhibition at the Arts Pavilion, Mile End and inspire future generations.

Ten participating schools within the Network selected students work who were studying either GCSE or A level art, graphic communication, photography or textiles alongside sketchbooks and prototypes. The work in the exhibition was ‘stunning and people need to see this’ as quoted by one Head Teacher, was one of many positive reactions heard throughout the week.

The private view, held on Thursday 22nd February 2018, with the show being open to the public from Wednesday 21st – 25th February and was a huge success with so many positive comments about the work and  the importance of showcasing and celebrating it within a community setting.

The exhibition was supported by partners and art organisations within the borough and further afield such as the Whitechapel Gallery, Chisenhale Gallery, Auto Italia, Bow Arts, UAL – Central St Martins and their student ambassadors who led workshops alone side ‘A’ Team Arts and THAMES, whose invaluable support has been integral to us creating and collaborating as a funded network.

Presentations from Whitechapel Art Gallery and from designer, Rahemur Rahman and artist, Ayo Akingbade (Chisenhale Gallery) who told their personal stories of how they followed their passions of being creative in school and pursued this to where they are now as designer/ lecturer and film maker was so inspiring to hear.

So what’s next? Another show, build upon the success of the last one and create more of a stir, reach out, agitate and wake people up to the amazing talent in the borough and wonderful opportunities that are available.

Tania Swift

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