Workshop – Cyanotype

The photographer David George (co-founder of the art collective ‘Uncertain States’) led a very enjoyable and successful cyanotype workshop at SPWT.

Cyanotype is an early archival process used by the first acknowledged female photographer: Anna Atkins in 1843. It requires just two chemicals, a good negative, tap water and the sun’s solar rays to achieve outstanding results. The process can also be used for photograms (without the need of a darkroom). The cyanotype can be produced on most paper and even some fabrics. The image can derive from a digital or analogue negative and the result is striking in its rich Prussian Blues.

My Italian import Vespa.


If you are interested in developing your skills base in alternative processes The Cass (opposite Whitechapel Gallery) run some excellent courses.

For a step-by-step guide to alternative printing processes this book is well worth the investment: ‘Coming into Focus’ edited by John Barnier and published by Chronicle books.

‘Uncertain States’ is an artist led project made up of writers, art practitioners and academics that share the same creative values and publish a quarterly broadsheet, showcasing lens-based art.

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