Next THAT meeting – 4th June 2014 – Morpeth School

Firstly a huge thank-you to St Paul’s way for hosting the second THAT meeting in February.

The staff shared some of their fantastic photography and printmaking resources as well as running workshops in etching, lithography printing and alternative darkroom techniques. They have also provided resources including Powerpoints which are now available on Dropbox. To join the Dropbox shared folder simply email:

The final meeting for this academic year has now been confirmed for the 4th June 2014, 4-6PM at Morpeth.  We are really looking forward to visiting the school and seeing some of their facilities including their in house gallery space!

If you have any contributions to the agenda, questions or queries or simply to book your free place, email us!

Best of luck with ‘exam’ season and keep an eye on here for ongoing opportunities and upcoming events.

THAT team xx

(Fran, Ania, Ellie)


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